Readers credit her articles for calling attention to dogs in need and helping to save lives.
 Watchdog Mary takes part in the event "Rescue to Runway," a fashion show where the real stars are the four-legged models! 

Watchdog Mary takes part in the event "Rescue to Runway," a fashion show where the real stars are the four-legged models! 

"WatchDog Mary" is an investigative journalist with more than 20 years experience. 

Mary Schwager, aka "Watchdog Mary," has won more than two dozen local, regional, national and international journalism awards for investigative, consumer, feature reporting and writing, including 14 Emmy Awards and 7 Edward R. Murrow Awards and numerous Associated Press honors. 

 2017 Emmy Award Winner, #14! 

2017 Emmy Award Winner, #14! 

Mary has worked as a television reporter, investigative reporter and investigative producer at network affiliated stations across the country in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Indianapolis, Indiana and Boston, Massachusetts. 

Working in television she's gotten high profile interviews, gone undercover with hidden cameras and done round the clock live shots during breaking news events, including reporting thousands of feet above the ground in a chopper. (Not fun while hovering over giant, flaming explosions.) 

Mary's print articles have appeared in Galtime.comHuffington PostYahoo! and Fox Business News.  Her "Consumer WatchDog Maryvideos aired nationally on "The Daily Buzz" morning show.   

Watchdog Mary also conducted criminal and insurance fraud investigations as a state licensed detective after graduating from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Marquette Magazine (page 34) featured some of Mary's accomplishments. 

 State Licensed Detective 

State Licensed Detective 

Now Watchdog Mary is using her talents to write about animals. She's written dozens of national columns for and some resulted in changes being implemented in municipal shelters. 

Her article about hunting dogs being "freeze branded" and dumped appeared in Yahoo!

Watchdog Mary's inquires sparked web giant to remove a sales category it called "animal breeders" from its website. 

Original article appeared in on August 13, 2015

She was one of the first to write about a change in federal tax rules which made fostering an animal for a nonprofit rescue tax deductible. 

Watchdog Mary also writes articles for the very popular online animal magazine The Dodo.  She was also a roving reporter (are we allowed to say the rover reporter?) for I Love My Dog, reporting live on Facebook about all things animal related to the page's 5.5 million fans.

Mary always had a love for animals. Growing up she had parakeets, chameleons, fish, dogs and guinea pigs. In college she and her roommate had a cat and a rabbit. The pair actually got along! The cat would paw at the bunny's nose, he took it as a sign of affection and loved it, despite her claws. The two animals, both litter box trained, made for some wonderful moments.  

In her early 20's Mary started volunteering with dog rescue organizations. Her first very own dog was abandoned on her door step when the pup was about 3-weeks-old. Ever since she has always adopted rescue dog after rescue dog. So has the rest of her family. 

Mary still volunteers in animal rescue and says out of all the things she's ever done it's one the toughest and most challenging. 

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 Watchdog Mary was the guest speaker at the  "Last Hope K9 Rescue" gala in Boston. She's seen here  talking about animal issues and sharing her insight and articles.

Watchdog Mary was the guest speaker at the "Last Hope K9 Rescue" gala in Boston. She's seen here talking about animal issues and sharing her insight and articles.

One reader wrote this incredible note to Watchdog Mary: "I would like to extend a heartfelt "THANK YOU" in appreciation of you, Mary Schwager, for being a true advocate for animals everywhere, whose voice is heard through your tenacious spirit, diplomacy, and passion, which reaches the hearts of those who join you for the sake of all the precious furbabies left behind in shelters. You give us hope and cause to continue to speak for the animals we love." -Elizabeth Barrera