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July 4, 2014, San Antonio Animal Care Services Adoption Photo for Tigere, covered in ticks

City of San Antonio puts tick infested pups up for adoption then euthanizes them

Volunteers in San Antonio are outraged about two pups they say came into the City's Animal Care Services facility (ACS) covered in clusters of ticks. They say no one from the City removed dozens of the insects from either of the dog's ears before placing them for public viewing on the adoption floor. When the infested pups, which did not look very "adoptable", were not adopted, they were euthanized.

The pups, Jack and Jill, can be seen in these Facebook postings, which show tick infestations in their ears, and comments from frustrated social media users trying to help the dogs writing, "Does this baby have ticks? Please someone get them off of her." Other posts say, "both are full of ticks" and "look at the ticks in this puppy's ears."


San Antonio Pets Alive, a nonprofit group which tries to find homes for dogs in the City's shelter, responded to the posts by saying, "We cannot save them or treat them without a foster or adopter stepping up as we have no open kennels and are full. These are ACS dogs so legally we cannot do any medical treatment until we pull them."

Jenn Studley, a San Antonio resident and animal advocate is enraged, "I hate the fact that they were left to sit there covered in ticks which more than likely contributed to the reason why they weren't adopted."

So far no one from ACS or Mayor Julian Castro's office has responded to a request for comment.

This isn't the first time this has happened at ACS, on June 22, 2014 The City of San Antonio placed another dog up for adoption covered in ticks. Shortly after the retriever's unattractive picture appeared online ACS announced she died in the shelter.

Update: July 4, 2014: Another tick infested dog is put out on the adoption floor and his picture posted online with disgusting bugs clustered in his ears. The German Shepard mix named "Tigere" was narrowly saved. 

Update: July 11, 2014: The City of San Antonio places another dog, a young lab mix, covered in ticks, up for adoption. The pup's adoption promotion photo shows the insects clustered around her ears. 

Pattern of Problems at San Antonio Animal Care Services

This author has been revealing a pattern of problems at San Antonio Animal Care Services. Last year the City euthanized more than 4800 dogs. Volunteers and residents also came forward alleging mistreatmentmismanagement and miscategorization of dogs.

How You Can Help: Adopting or Fostering a Dog

Here's what volunteers want you to know: These dogs can be adopted and safely transported anywhere in the US! If you're reading this and live across the country you can still help. Many of these animals are perfectly nice, healthy pooches who ended up at the pound through no fault of their own. They are also begging for in and out of state rescue groups to work with them, several local groups have arranged safe travel for dogs across the country.

To see dogs that need fosters or adopters urgently check out the city's website, these pictures and descriptions, and also this YouTube channel of animals, all whom need to get out of the shelter ASAP. Some will be put down in the next few hours. Volunteers say if one seems like a perfect fit for your family, or you fall in love with a glimmer in a dog's eye, please act quickly, the situation is dire. Email: placement@sanantoniopetsalive.org

Fostering a Dog

Fostering dogs also helps to save lives and it's tax deductible. If you live near the San Antonio area please consider fostering a dog, which means allowing a pup or pooch to stay with you for a week or two until rescue groups and volunteers can find "furever homes" for them, or they can be transferred to another rescue group. You're literally saving their lives by giving them a temporary home, it's that easy.

If you live anywhere near San Antonio and would be interested in fostering, please contact San Antonio Pets Alive, when you click on that link and their website pops up, just click on "foster".

A new rescue called: Mission: Miracle K9 is also starting to make a big difference in the area and needs donations and fosters as well. To apply to foster or donate email: info@missionmiracle.org

And remember: Spay and neuter your pet. Period. End of story. It saves lives by not creating more doggone dogs