How often should you brush your dog's teeth? And how the heck do you do it?

Pop quiz: How often should you brush your dog’s teeth? And how the heck do you do it well?

Have you ever tried to brush your dog’s teeth and ended up fighting a losing battle? Even given up?

Some of us have even tried using tactics like beef flavored toothpaste (so gross!) to try to help make fighting plaque a little easier.

Seriously though, as you’ll hear in this video, having a dog with nasty teeth can cause health problems, and not just in their mouth. The bacteria that builds up can travel to other parts of their body and cause infections and illnesses.

The video gives some good tips on how often to brush, how to brush without a battle and how it can help your pet’s health.


Volunteers say finding Rosa, the missing rescue dog, is a holiday miracle

This video was shot moments after Rosa, a rescue dog, who was missing, scared and on the run for a week was found! She managed to escape from her new adopters in San Marcos, Texas.

Dozens of volunteers from Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption worked to find her. They set up humane traps, field cameras and search parties. Just as they were getting discouraged and depressed— they found her at 2am inside one of the traps the day before Christmas Eve! They’re calling this a holiday miracle.

Rosa is back in her foster home resting and doing just fine. Her foster mom, Marie Guadagno, searched for her each day and night, calling her name, hoping Rosa would recognize her voice.

Another volunteer, Amy Te Grotenhaus, who lives close to where Rosa ran off, checked the traps every couple of hours for the dog. She was stunned to finally find Rosa and took this video.

All the volunteers say this was truly a team effort.