Dog saved from shelter after having motor oil poured on her face

Pup saved from Harris County Animal Control. Shelter says former owner poured motor oil on her because she had noncontagious mange

Just looking at her face sparked outrage from everyone who saw this Facebook post about Gabriella. The pup ended up in the Harris County Animal Control shelter over the weekend.

The post said, “Poor Gabriella was surrendered today in terrible shape. She was covered in motor oil in an attempt by her owners to treat her Demodex mange. A nice vet tech was kind enough to stay after hours to give her a bath and clean her eyes, which seemed to be the cause of her pain. Can you HELP ME?”

The pup cried out in pain as shelter workers tried to clean the oil off her face.

Soon after the post went up Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption saved the dog.

Volunteer Erin Woodkotch offered to foster Gabriella and raced her to the animal hospital today.

Woodkotch with Gabriella

Woodkotch with Gabriella

At first the pup seemed defeated and to have given up. But Woodkotch spent hours with her and stayed with her through all her exams and treatments at the vet’s office, giving her lots of love. Eventually a spark of life came across Gabriella’s face, and Woodkotch observed what she thought may have been a brief tail wag, “Her spirit isn’t broken. She looked me in the eye and I told her how safe she is. I think she’s got fight left in her,” Woodkotch told Watchdog Mary.

Gabriella is also suffering from a severe staph infection and will remain hospitalized for now. In this video she is receiving a medicated bath.

Now many people are asking if the owner face charges for this? Watchdog Mary is trying to find out. We’ll update this story as more information becomes available.