City responds about dog and pups mistreated in Sinton, Texas, help needed ASAP

Today City of Sinton, Texas officials responded with an explanation about what happened to a mother dog and her five puppies after thousands of outraged people responded to this Facebook post.

Mother and puppies hosed down with cold water on a chilly day shivering and wet at the Sinton Municipal Animal Control Shelter.

Mother and puppies hosed down with cold water on a chilly day shivering and wet at the Sinton Municipal Animal Control Shelter.

The social media post showed the dogs drenched in water and shivering cold. Concerned posters alerted this author who contacted the city. Today Sinton's Director of Public Works, Hilario Chavez, reached out, saying the owner who surrendered the mother and her pups to the shelter is responsible for the situation. "When he dropped them off, he was bringing them into the kennel and wanted a minute with them, he took the hose and sprayed them down," Chavez said.

Dogs given more time before being euthanized

Sadly the dogs were supposed to be euthanized today because no one offered to foster, rescue or adopt them, but this author pleaded for the dogs to have more time. Chavez agreed and is talking to the City Manager about the situation. Right now the mother and her pups have at least until early next week before they are put to sleep.

Help needed for the family ASAP

If you know anyone who would be interested in fostering, adopting or rescuing this family Chavez says to call City Hall as soon as possible. The number there is: 361-364-2381.

Chavez says the mother appears to be some sort of retriever mix and the puppies are a couple of months old. They don't have to be adopted together, however it would be nice if all the dogs could find homes. Chavez sent this author an additional picture of the dogs too which is now posted on the original Facebook post.

City of Sinton does not advertise or market dogs in its pound to get new homes-- assistance needed

This author also learned that the Sinton does not market or advertise dogs that end up in the pound so they have a chance at getting a new home. That makes it tough for the public or rescue groups to know adoptable pooches are there. There's no public notification system for dogs that get picked up, there's no website mentioning the dogs with pictures and descriptions, nor is there any social media out reach.

Chavez agreed to hear ideas and possibly work with local volunteers to change this. Please email this author if you are interested in helping.

UPDATE: There is a happy ending to this story! If you want to adopt the mamma dog or the pups click here to learn about or make a donation to the group that rescued them.

This article was originally posted by Watchdog Mary on May 16, 2014,