Adoptable dog kept out of public view in Baldwin Park, California animal shelter

"Blue" Black Lab in Baldwin Park, CA animal shelter that needs home

"Blue" Black Lab in Baldwin Park, CA animal shelter that needs home

Angry volunteers furious over a large black Labrador kept out of public view at the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter in California contacted this author today. They feared potential adopters walking through the facility would not know, "Blue", was even there and needed a new home. Outraged social media posters worried the dog's unfortunate kennel placement would cost him his life when the clock ticking on his time at the shelter ran out.

Now Blue's future is looking brighter. When this author reached out to the Department of Animal Care and Control of Los Angeles County and the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center, they responded right away.

Turns out there's quite a few animals at the shelter and there was no room for Blue in the kennels where adopters are allowed. "The kennel that Blue is housed in is set aside for sick dogs so that diseases such as kennel cough do not spread and for dogs under special holds such as potentially dangerous or are in quarantine. At times if the other kennels are full it does get used as over flow," said Patricia Claerbout, manager of the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center.

Claerbout thanked this author for bringing the lab to her attention and promises change, "I am looking into why Blue was placed there and having him moved to the public kennels if possible. We are setting up a new process where the animals in any kennel areas that are closed to the public will have a copy of the kennel cards including their photograph posted in a public area. Baldwin Park is a very old facility not designed for the adoption programs we have today. We will continue to improve how animals are housed to safe guard both the animals and the public," said Claerbout.

The shelter says 81% of dogs make it out of the Baldwin Park alive and the overall canine live release rate for LA County is 77%. Animal control officials credit volunteers and rescue groups for their help. "This is due in large part to the many rescues and volunteers groups we work with and collaboration with national organization such as Best Friends and the ASPCA. There are volunteers, rescue groups and the general public that do come to the shelter, take photos and use social media to network the animals. We hold off site adoption events and take dogs to local media events as often as possible," said Claerbout.

Adopting, rescuing or fostering Blue

Claerbout said the clock is ticking on Blue's time at the facility, but he has at least until August 6th before he is euthanized because no one adopted, rescued or offered to foster him. She also mentioned that time could be extended if there is interest in him and there's room in the kennel.

Here is a link to a video of Blue, volunteers say the dog weighs about 100 pounds. His Facebook post states: "Blue is a massive three year old black with white markings neutered male Labrador Retriever mix who on July 10th was discarded at the Baldwin Park Shelter and currently is being kenneled in a building where he cannot be seen by the general public which means he most likely will be euthanized if the shelter doesn’t change its policies or if he doesn’t get moved into a different kennel. Overweight at one hundred and two pounds, Blue trundles along well on leash and shows signs of being housebroken. He has a medium energy level and we think he will enjoy the company of children. Blue is a loving and devoted indoor pet for an active family living in a private home." His pet ID# is: A4584803.

If you want to adopt Blue, the shelter's number is: 626-962-3577. Adopters who live in the Los Angeles area can call to let the shelter know they want to meet the dog. If you live out of state and want to adopt him, you would need to contact a local rescue or volunteer to "pull" Blue from the shelter.

Feel free to email this author if you need help or resources getting him to you.

UPDATE: August 11th: This dog was kept in a kennel for sick animals, out of public view, even though he was healthy. Days later he developed a respiratory infection and will now be euthanized if he's not adopted or rescued ASAP. The Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation is helping fund his care and he's doing much better! Shelter officials say Blue would be much better off in a home or even a foster home. He is at risk of being euthanized if he doesn't get adopted or pulled by a rescue group.

UPDATE August 12th, 2014: Blue was adopted!


This article was originally published by Watchdog Mary on July 29, 2014,