San Antonio euthanizes three different mother dogs in one day, leaving pups 

Mother dog, "Mary Poppins", was one of three mother dogs euthanized on the same day, by San Antonio Animal Care Services. The shelter left their young puppies behind. 

Dog rescue volunteers and social media posters are hysterical with anger tonight. Hours ago, the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services (ACS) euthanized three different mother dogs housed in its municipal shelter, leaving their pups behind. Nancy Wiggins, an active member of the animal community, writes on one of the dog's Facebook posts, "Three moms in one day pulled away from their babies & senselessly killed. Just too heartbreaking."

The Facebook posts for the three mother dogs, "Julie", "Mary Poppins" and "Star" are filled with furious comments from people who attempted to find foster or adoptive homes for the dogs with their puppies. One poster uploaded this picture of a five week old pup left behind, with the comment, "This Just breaks my heart. Here's the baby without mom. Terrible." Petra West writes. "I could just cry!" DC Will posted, "Only a sociopath would pull a struggling mother away from her puppy to die."

This 5 week old puppy was left behind after her mother was euthanized by San Antonio Animal Care Services due to overcrowding at the shelter.

Mary Poppin's puppies were saved by San Antonio based, Mission Miracle K9 Rescue. There are also two other mother dogs who's pups were adopted and they were left behind, volunteers worry this dog and this dog could be the next ones to be put to sleep.

Last year the City of San Antonio euthanized nearly 5,000 dogs. Though ACS pledged to decrease the numbers of dogs it puts to sleep, the amount of dogs euthanized this year remains about the same as last year. WatchDogMary reached out to the City for a comment on this situation.

This author has chronicled a number of problems in the City's ACS division, including routinely placing tick infested dogs out on the public adoption floor. When some of the dogs covered in insects aren't adopted, they're euthanized.

How can you help? San Antonio has a massive animal overpopulation problem. They need more local residents to volunteer to be temporary "foster parents" for dogs. Fostering literally saves lives by allowing pooches to stay with you, usually from one to four weeks, until rescue groups and volunteers can find "furever homes" for the dog, or they can be transferred to another rescue group out of state.

If you live anywhere near San Antonio and would be interested in fostering, please contact San Antonio Pets Alive (SAPA). On the organization's website you will see a banner indicating how desperately they need fosters and how to apply.

A new rescue called: Mission: Miracle K9 is also starting to make a big difference in the area and needs donations and fosters as well. To apply to foster or donate email:

Many of the dogs that come into the shelter can be adopted and safely transported anywhere in the US. If you're reading this and live across the country you can still help. Most of these animals are perfectly nice, healthy pooches who ended up at the pound through no fault of their own. If you want to apply to adopt any of the dogs you see on this SAPA page contact the shelter and they can help you arrange out of state transport. Mission:Miracle K9 can also assist you.

Some dogs will be put down in the next few hours. Volunteers say if one seems like a perfect fit for your family, or you fall in love with a glimmer in a dog's eye, please act quickly, the situation is dire. Email: If you are interested in adopting any of the puppies whose mother's were euthanized today also email SAPA.

The City and SAPA work with in and out of state groups which rescue dogs. There are now transports leaving the San Antonio area which bring pooches all over the country, even to Washington, New England and Illinois.

And remember: Spay and neuter your pet. Period. End of story. It saves lives by not creating more doggone dogs.

If you wish to contact the City of San Antonio, this link allows you to email the Mayor's office, and this link the City Manager's Office.

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