City workers rescue puppies from drainpipe

Credit Sandy Mendez

Credit Sandy Mendez

Cheers of joy erupted in Midlothian, Texas when city workers saved puppies who were stuck in a drainpipe for hours.

It all started one night last month when Sandy Mendez was out in the backyard with her three-month-old puppies, Chub and Snax.

All of a sudden they darted off in the dark. Mendez panicked. "I called out for them and I could hear barking," she told Watchdog Mary. "Then I saw the pipe and thought, 'No! They just could not be in there!'"

Unfortunately that's right where they were. "I looked and I was like, 'Oh my god, they're in there!' I called them and they would not come out. The puppies were crying. It was awful," Mendez said.

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