Shocked and surprised: What veterinarian finds in dog's stomach during surgery

Credit: Taryn Missildine

Credit: Taryn Missildine

A worried dog owner in Texas brought her pooch to the vet last week saying he was lethargic and vomiting.

So vets at the Westbridge Animal Hospital in Texarkana started examining the 20 pound dog. They suspected he may have eaten something that could be causing a blockage.

“They did x-rays and found a mass in his stomach,” Taryn Missildine, an employee at the animal hospital told Watchdog Mary. “He went into emergency surgery.”

And that’s when the medical staff starting pulling out not one, not two, not three, not even four—but 110 ponytail holders and other household objects from the Goldendoodle’s stomach.

Everyone in the operating room was shocked. They neatly laid out everything the dog had eaten on a table and Missildine snapped a photo. “Everyone was just in awe that all of that came out of such a small dog,” she said.

The pup is recovering quite well and at least now his owners know why all the ponytail holders in the household were disappearing.

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