An ailment that can cripple your pet is on the rise

Dog with arthritis in elbows

Dog with arthritis in elbows

It’s crippling. It’s heartbreaking and it’s affecting more and more pets: Arthritis.

new report out this week reveals that the number of dogs and cats diagnosed with osteoarthritis has more than doubled in the last decade.


Osteoarthritis is when an animal’s joint tissue becomes inflamed and damaged. It’s mostly found in the elbows, knees, and hips. Tragically it gets worse over time. If left untreated the disease makes it very painful for pets to walk.

The report, from Banfield Pet Hospital, found the disease has increased by 84% in the last ten years. It’s much more prevalent in dogs than cats. And though it can strike at any age, it’s usually worse in older pets.

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