The new six pack?

E6PR Eco Friendly Six Pack

Every day terrifying headlines fill news websites predicting the end of many animal species, glaciers in Antarctica, and pretty soon, the world. If climate change and people’s carbon footprints don’t take an extreme turn around, we’re all doomed.

Experts say if each person gets concerned, gets angry, and makes a small dent by changing their polluting and garbagey ways it will help this global crisis.

And one pissed off guy, who works at the startup company, E6PR, did just that. “Our story begins in 2016, when one of our team members decided it was enough, he had had it with plastic and the environmental harm it’s causing and teamed up with an engineer,” company spokesperson, Ricardo Mulas Ochoa said.

So the company set out to make a better six pack ring. Read the rest of Watchdog Mary’s story in Grit Daily.