Confession: My Lab had a weight problem, how we beat the bulge

Overweight Lab

There was a time she was fit and trim. When she was first flown to New England, as a rescue dog from Puerto Rico, she was skinny and looked like she needed a hot meal. My goal was to show her all the luxuries of having a loving home, including good food.

But somewhere between the day I picked her up from the shelter in 2012 as a one-year-old dog…and 2018, the weight crept on. She went from 70 pounds to 93 pounds.

Oh, in between those years we tried to keep the weight off. First, our household cut back on her human food consumption.

We’d say, “No Daisy, no matter how longingly you look at us with those determined Lab eyes, no matter how you try to convince us you’re starving, no, you cannot eat this.”

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